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Anita Desk Calculators Using LSI Integrated Circuits
Anita 1011B LSI


ANITA 1011B LSI - similar to 1011 LSI but with rechargeable batteries.

Has an additional compartment at the rear for rechargeable batteries to make it independent of the AC supply - but is rather big for a hand-held calculator. This example has the batteries removed and replaced by a capacitor for AC operation only.

Power supply - Rechargeable batteries.

Display is 10 digits, Nixie tubes.

4- function, uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation).

222 mm X 163 mm X 88 mm (9" x 6.5" x 3.5").

Made in England by Sumlock Anita Electronics Ltd, distributed by Sumlock Comptometer Ltd.

It has a leatherette covered, wooden, fitted case.

From about 1971.

Battery bulge on 1011B LSI

The photograph above shows the bulge for the rechargeable cells on the back of the 1011B LSI. Compare with the photograph below of the AC only model 1011 LSI.

1011 LSI
ANITA 1011B LSI in case

Anita 1011B LSI in its fitted case.

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Anita Desk Calculators Using LSI Integrated Circuits

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