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ANITA Desk Calculators using both Transistor Logic & Integrated Circuits
ANITA 1021

Anita 1021

ANITA 1021

Power supply - AC mains.

Display is 10 digits, Nixie tubes.

4-function, %, storage, square root, uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation).

The electronics is similar to that of the ANITA 1011. It mainly uses transistors, but also has integrated circuits made by Marconi-Elliott Microelectronics using "MOST" (Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Transistor) technology.

265 x 335 x 172 mm (10.4" x 13.25" x 6.75").

Introduced 1970, price £430 Sterling (about US$ 1030).

Made in England by Sumlock Anita Electronics Ltd, distributed by Sumlock Comptometer Ltd.

This advertisement below is from a period when there was a great "buy British" campaign in the UK.

Anita 1021
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Anita Desk Calculators using both Transistor Logic & Integrated Circuits


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