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Rockwell-Anita Calculators
Rockwell-Anita 201

Anita 201

Rockwell Anita 201.

6v (4x AA batteries).

Display is 8 digits, green fluorescent.

4 functions, %, memory.

82 mm x 155 mm x 45 mm (3.25" x 6.1" x 1.75").

The label on the back says "Rockwell International.
Sumlock Anita Ltd, Uxbridge, England.
Assembled in Mexico Primarily of United States components."

By the time that this model was made Rockwell had taken over Sumlock Anita and many of the Rockwell calculators were manufactured in Mexico.


The photographs here illustrate the complicated situation of Rockwell calculator manufacture.


The box for the calculator, left and below, display "Sumlock Anita, Rockwell International".


The label on the rear of the calculator displays "Assembled in Mexico, Primarily of United States Components".

The instruction manual does not mention Anita at all, but instead features the name of Unicom Systems, which was Rockwell's U.S. calculator manufacturer.

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