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Anita 811

Anita 811 / Adler 81 (Type EC11)

Display is 8 digits, red LED.

4 functions, %, memory.

4.5v (3x AA batteries).

69 mm x 118 mm x 24 mm (2.8" x 4.7" x 1").

Anita 811 label -
Sumlock Comptometer Ltd,
Uxbridge, Middlesex.
Made in England.

Adler 81 label - (Some were also labelled 'Triumph')
TA Vertriebs - GmbH,
85008500 Nurnberg (Germany).
Made in England.

Introduced 1972, price £75 [about $175].

The switch position "5/4" on the Adler is the same as that marked with a semi-circle on the Anita, and indicates that the answer will be rounded to 2 decimal places.

There is an operating manual for this machine in the Operating Manuals & Leaflets section.

This was the first Anita hand-held calculator put on sale. The story of the development of the Anita 811 and the version for Triumph-Adler is described in "The Rockwell Connection" on this site.

   ADLER 81

The Adler 81 model was made in two versions with the name in different places, as shown below.

Adler 81
Adler 81
With rear cover raised

The picture on the left demonstrates that the rear aluminium cover slides up to replace the batteries, which is common to all models of this series.

Note that the model illustrated here is a variety with a white painted rear cover.


Advertisement for the Anita 811.

Note the Anita logo in the centre which was in use around this time.

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Anita 811 & Adler 81

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