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Early Anita Desktop Calculators

Mk 10


12-digit display.

Similar to the earlier models in having the full keyboard and using cold-cathode tube technology, but with decimal and Sterling currency capability.

The Mk 10 is virtualy identical to the Mk9 except that it includes three extra keys on top right hand side for direct pounds/shillings/pence convertion, and modified electronics to perform this extra function

This model is still a decimal machine at heart. It does not have full Sterling capability - The operator has to choose whether the input will be in £ (pounds) s (shillings) or d (pence). Values are then input in decimals of that unit. The result can be displayed in full £sd sterling or in the decimal equivalent.

Introduced 1965[1].

Mk 10

Here the keyboard has been hinged forwards to reveal the electronics inside the Mk 10.

The design is similar to that of the ANITA Mk 8. There are two horizontal boards at the bottom of the casing. The front board carries the Dekatron counter tube, on the left, and the rear board holds three daughter boards, all using cold-cathode switching tubes.
Along the top of the photograph is the line of numerical display tubes, each clamped to the edge of a board carrying driver and counter electronics.

Inside rear

At the rear is the power supply cicuitry and several vacuum tubes (electronic valves).

Anita Mk 10
Anita Mk 10

Advertisement showing the £ s d keys.

Anita Mk 10

"ANITA Mk. 10 Electronic Desk Computer"

"Designed to meet the special requirements of the British market, ANITA Mk. 10 will calculate and give answers direct in £.s.d. or in whole numbers and decimals with instant conversion to sterling. Price £480 [Sterling, about US$1300]. Rental terms available."


Advertised as "5 years ahead of it time" because the conversion from Sterling £sd to decimal currency in Britain was then 5 years away (15th. February 1971).
This is the only known electronic calculator with a Sterling £sd capability.
See the Sterling currency section for further details of mechanical Sterling calculators.



  1. "Lamson Industries Limited", The Times, 7th April 1966.
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Early Anita Desktop Calculators

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