ANITA Electronic Hand-held Calculators


Known ANITA electronic hand-held calculators made by Sumlock Anita (models not made by Rockwell).



The following models look very similar to these Sumlock Anita hand-held calculators but were manufactured by other companies. They are dealt with separately in the section Models Derived from ANITA Calculators.


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Anita 811
Anita 811
Anita 811 "slim line"
Anita 831
Anita 841
Anita 851

ANITA 861 & M.P. ALAS 861

Anita 861

Simon Southwell has produced fascinating simulations of some of the ANITA calculators at
Pop one up and have a go, but don't forget to switch it on first.

The Bell Punch Company & the Development of the Anita Calculator
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