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On this page are pdf scans of publications of the Bell Punch Company and its parent company Control Systems.  If you have any more similar publications from Bell Punch and Anita I would be delighted to receive a copy or a scan for display here - please get in touch with me.


Bell Punch News and Views

First published with the Christmas edition, 1948 'Bell Punch News and Views' was a high-quality booklet published four times a year.  It contains company news, photographs, and general interest articles.



News and Views of Control Systems Ltd

It appears that this magazine followed on from 'Bell Punch News and Views', above, since the Spring 1959 edition says:
   "It is no less than ten years ago that News and Views saw the light of day for the first time—the Christmas edition of 1948 was the inaugural issue sent out to our Distributors overseas and our staff at home."

This magazine contains company news, photographs, and technical articles.



If you have further copies of these magazines then we would delighted to read them, either scans or the originals which we could scan and return.
Please get in touch if you have any copies.



912 touch

A light-hearted periodical for Sumlock operators.  912 refers to the popular Sumlock 912 mechanical calculator.



Miscellaneous Publications

Mary, Mary not contrary
MarySumlock_1_t'Mary, Mary not contrary' is a booklet published by London Computator Ltd (a marketing company that was a subsidiary of the Bell Punch Company) advising school leavers to become Sumlock operators.  This booklet would have been produced before London Computator Ltd was renamed Sumlock Ltd in 1950.



The Bell Punch Company & the Development of the Anita Calculator
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