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Chart showing the relationship between the Bell Punch Company and its associated companies

Companies associated with Bell Punch Co.:

Bell Punch Co. Ltd. - Founded 1878, broken up 1986. The original company and the manufacturer of the mechanical and electronic calculators until 1966 when Sumlock Anita Electronics was split off.

Control Systems Ltd. - Founded 1927. Holding company for Bell Punch and its subsidiaries.
Owners of the entire issued share capital of: Bell Punch Co. Ltd., Automaticket Ltd., Sumlock Ltd., Bell Punch Taximeters Ltd., Plus Computing Machines Inc. U.S.A., Isaac Warwick & Co. Ltd.[1]

London Computator Ltd. - Founded 1940. Subsidiary, marketing company of the Plus and Sumlock mechanical calculators. Renamed to Sumlock Limited in 1950.

Sumlock Limited - Founded 1950 by renaming London Computator Ltd.

Lamson Industries - Bought Control Systems and its subsidiaries in 1957.

Bell Punch Export Co. Ltd. - Export sales subsidiary of Bell Punch Co.

Sumlock Comptometer Ltd. - Founded 1961. Subsidiary, incorporating Comptometer Ltd. for distributing Bell Punch calculators.

Sumlock Anita Electronics - Founded 1966, split off from Bell Punch Co.. Subsidiary, manufacturer of the electronic and mechanical calculators.

Sumlock Anita Ltd. - Renamed from Sumlock Comptometer Ltd. in 1974. Separate financially from Sumlock Anita Electronics, but the main UK distributor of its calculators, as well as those of other manufacturers.




Control Systems Ltd.:


Bell Punch Co.:


London Computator Ltd. which later became Sumlock Limited and then Sumlock Comptometer Ltd.:


Bell Punch Export Co. Ltd.:


U.S. distributor of Plus adding machines:


Advertisements of 1957 give the following addresses of the marketing companies of the Sumlock and Plus calculators:

"Two companies of the Bell Punch Group".



  1. "Control Systems Limited", The Times, 18th May 1955.

The Bell Punch Company & the Development of the Anita Calculator
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