ANITA Desk Calculators using both Transistor Logic & Integrated Circuits


ANITA 1011P with the cover over the printer removed.
 The printer mechanism appears to be the pioneering Epson EP-101.
Photograph courtesy of Roland Huisman at


Power supply - AC mains.

Printout only.

4-function, %, storage, (Reverse Polish Notation).

Introduced 1971.

Price: £398 GBP (about US$1000).[1]

Made in England by Sumlock Anita Electronics Ltd, distributed by Sumlock Comptometer Ltd.

Anita 1011P advertisement

Advertisement for the ANITA 1011P from January 1971.

The journal 'Engineering' reported[2]:
"By replacing parts of the circuitry with two integrated circuit chips, room has been made for the printing mechanism while keeping the size of the calculator down to 270 mm wide x 340 mm deep (10.5 x 13.5 in).  The chips, one of which carries 750 MOS [Metal-Oxide Semiconductor] transistors, are being supplied by Plessey Microelectronics and Marconi-Elliott Microelectronics".

While the journal 'Electronic Design' reported[3]:
"An impressive array of IC products are offered by Plessey, an 85,000-employee company headquartered in Essex, Britain, which has divisions in almost every area of electronics from microelectronics to airport lighting.  Recently introduced are an MOS LSI chip that controls the printing function in an electronic printing calculator and contains five counters, a four-bit shift register, 13 output buffers and 50 additional gates ..."


For some users, accountants for example, a permanent print of a calculation and its result was required.  Early electronic calculators with printers were something of a rarity, and nine years after the introduction of the first ANITA electronic calculator this was the first ANITA with a printer.  Though previously the company had filled this gap in its products by marketing the Wanderer Conti model which was manufactured in Germany by the Wanderer company.



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Anita Desk Calculators using both Transistor Logic & Integrated Circuits

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