Rockwell-ANITA Calculators
Rockwell-ANITA 1216

Rockwell-Anita 1216

Rockwell ANITA 1216.

Power supply - AC.

Display is 12 digits, Burroughs 'Panaplex' amber gas discharge.

4-function, %, memory.

Integrated circuits - Electronic Arrays EA7022 and EA7023, here date coded 1973.

256 mm x 193 mm x 70 mm (10.0" x 7.6" x 2.75").

"Made in U.S.A"
"Rockwell International. Sumlock Anita Ltd. Uxbridge England"
Circuit board has the name of the Cherry company on it.

Introduced in late 1973[1].


This Rockwell-Anita calculator is unusual for two reasons:

This can be explained by this model being a Unicom machine relabelled with the ANITA name.  Unicom was the trade name of the calculators manufactured by the semiconductor company American Micro-systems Inc.  Like Sumlock Anita, Unicom was bought by Rockwell in 1972 and continued to manufacture the Unicom models for a time.

A Unicom 1217 calculator that appeared on the eBay auction site in the U.S.A. looks similar to this machine, but with a slightly different key arrangement.  An advertising flyer with it has "Unicom Systems, Rockwell International". and "Those crazy guys from Unicom have done it again!"  The instruction manual for that machine was labelled "Unicom Systems, Rockwell International".

Interestingly, this ANITA 1216 is similar to the Summit S1224 calculator, from Summit International Corp, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. (see

See also the Rockwell-ANITA 102 hand-held calculator and its similarity to the Unicom 102.

Cover removed

The cover has been removed to reveal the Burroughs 'Panaplex' gas-discharge display and, at the rear, the two integrated circuits made by Electronic Arrays.

EA chips

The rear of the circuit board with the Electronic Arrays integrated circuit: EA7022 on the right and EA7023 on the left.

EA chips

Close up of the Electronic Arrays integrated circuits.

The journal 'Electronic Design' reported in January 1973[2]:
"Calculator system on two ICs
    Two MOS circuits contain all the calculating logic, the clock, and a good portion of the interface circuitry of a 12-digit, four-function memory calculator.  Called the EA7022 (in a 28-lead DIP) and the EA7023 (in a 40-lead DIP), the two packages make up the EA S129 set.  They include an arithmetic/algebraic processor with 12-digit entry and display capacity, an accumulator memory, the keyboard scanning and display control logic, an internal clock generator, and power-on clearing circuitry."


The label on the rear.


The new Anita 1216 is a versatile, low-cost calculator from Sumlock.  The unit includes memory; automatic chaining; automatic decimal system; constant, percent and exchange keys.  The display is a big, easy-to-read 12-column Panaplex system.
    Individual problems can be worked and accumulated in the independent memory register, while the 12-column capacity coupled with advanced float in/fixed out decimal system and underflow ensure that Anita 1216 can tackle everyday calculations with ease.  Mixed calculations (e.g. 2 x 3 + 4) are carried out in a single continuous flow operation.
    The percent key permits entering percentage as a whole number while giving decimally correct answers.  The exchange key permits recall of last entry to display as well as avoiding the need for manual re-entry when exchanging divisors and dividends.



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